Laszlo Harasztosi Cosmic Energy, Spiritual Healing

About Love

"Step in wanderer into my modest virtual lodge! Rest a little, know what you interested in! But whenever you walk, you may get some balm for your trouble too."

How did it start?

"When I was seven years old, my mother discovered, that she experienced a warm feeling when I was stroking her with my hand, downwards along her body. This feeling was so good, that her pains stopped, she could breathe easier, and she became so energized, that she felt herself being capable to do anything. She felt, as if she just arrived home, from a long, refreshing holiday. That time, I didn't understand these things as yet, but I have noted the results, and what my actions were."

In a while relatives and friends also tried this. And the "treatment" also influenced them in the same way. They recovered one after the other, getting rid of aches and pains, regardless the nature of the ailment.

"Being young and curious, I had to try some things on my buddies too. The seemingly healthier children of those times were just as difficult to send to bed, as today. They went to bed finally, but with the excess energy racing, they could still not fall asleep. Opposed to the parents' expectations, they were not at all sleepy the next day, they looked and behaved, as if they had a good night's rest."

Being children, they did not have any psychological problems, only the natural childlike revolt against all kinds of things that was in opposition to their liking. But those who I "treated", somehow became kinder, more obedient, they studied better, and there were less problems with them. The parents were the ones who really noticed this, so Laszlo Harasztosi was invited to play not by his little fellows, but by their parents.

"Later, wherever I went, somehow things became better for everyone, wherever as I spent time in a given place. Although I didn't apply the forces in the well- proven way, it seemed that I had only to be there, and things started to happen. I also worked in a mill, where trade - which was slow before -began to prosper soon after my arrival. Maybe the flour became better, or something else has happened, but I didn't really think about it at that time."

Once a seriously ill "important" man sought him out, as his healing - bordering on miracles - did not stay secret. At that time in Hungary, the "social-soviet" system already had a problem with Laszlo, as they didn't really care much for inexplicable things, which were not initiated by the communist party. And Laszlo was really surrounded by inexplicable things, none of it initiated by them. All the people, who were pronounced incurable by the doctors, became healthy again in greater and greater numbers.

After the recovery of that "important" person, or rather in exchange for it (he didn't pay anything anyway, as it wasn't usual in those circles), he averted the threatening political clouds around Laszlo Harasztosi. Then came the change of regime, and the communist party, fortunately also had other problems, than to worry about alternative healers.

"It was a paradox, but what helped in many cases, that the doctors gave up on patients. This was help in a sense that these came to me, and hearing that their friends being healed, they believed that they also could recover. This belief opened up their souls, chakhras, -or we can call this the subconscious- to let the healing energy through to the leading center of their system, then to the area where it was mostly needed, where the illness was situated. Belief is very important here, as I can help only those people, whom really want to be helped. The news of healing travels fast and far, and as a result, I had the privilege, to heal people in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Canada and in the U.S. The ability, to direct the curing energies to the places where they are mostly needed, exist in everybody, although in different degrees. Unfortunately, few people know this. And those who do know, but do not use it or practice it, also lose the ability." Laszlo has also "cured from afar" as a permanent guest of radio programs. Opposed to this being attempted by lot of other healers unsuccessfully, it also worked well for him. But the personal meeting with the more difficult cases, and the more serious patients is very necessary. He performed a lot with Radio Danubius, Radio Juventus and also in a series of television programs.