My name is Laszlo Harasztosi. I live in Central Europe but have travelled worldwide due to my very special abilities. Most people know my name from the World records listings as a paraphenomenon who has attached the heaviest object on a person's skin. Although impressive and fun, this is not the most important use of my talent: God has given me a gift that I try to put to good use every single day: I can collect energy from nature and transfer it to those who might need it.

It was in my childhood that my family noticed that if I put my hand on their aching or sore bodypart the pain would ease up and the swelling would go down. Later on in life I consciously worked on developing my abilities and have finished a manualtherapy course in order to be able to better help those who turned to me for help in their illnesses. I have achieved great results-substantiated by medical records-even in case of such serious chronic conditions like tumours and cancer, cysts and fibroids, asthma, illnesses of the immune system, joint problems, liver problems, conditions after stroke and heart-attack, mental illnesses and I could go on.

My healing with energy does not put additional strain ont he already vulnerable body. I collect the energy from nature and transfer it to the person who is being treated literally recharging the person's energy storages and thus helping the body to heal. One does not need to get undress for the treatment session that usually lasts about 20-30 minutes and usually about five to ten such sessions are needed for healing and stable improvement. God has created the energy that surrounds us in nature so that it would go in the body where it is needed, therefore it is impossible to 'overcharge' one's body with energy, it has no side-effects and can never worsen the person's condition.

This energy can be used not only for healing purposes but also as a preventive tool and also as a support in sports as every one of us needs energy to be in top form both mentally and physically. This is especially true in professional and varsity sports where amongst the best ones it is often only hundredth of seconds or the physical or mental state at a given moment decides who wins and who loses. I have helped several Olympic and World champions (both individuals and teams) in their preparations as my help is not considered a forbidden tool. I have charged them regularly with the energy I collected from nature and have helped with any accidents they might have had so that they could return to normal training as soon as possible. The sports results are of course of the sportsperson's and team's—but I can help them to perform at their best.

As I have mentioned above the easiest and most spectacular demonstration of my abilities is my World record as a paraphenomenon affixing the heaviest object on a person's skin, and holding shows. This latter one is usually an hour-long programme where I demonstrate my unique abilities by affixing small household objects like an iron on a volunteer's bare skin, or 'freezing' still an volunteer and tilting their body without suspension, or by mass-hypnotisation 'sticking' the audience on to their seats to their much amusement.

Please watch my above video on my abilities, and if you think you have tried all existing methods to improving your condition yet nothing has helped, or if you would like to achieve more, perform better, or if you had had enough of the magical training methods, or you can not get ahead of your rivals and always missing the desired achievement contact me and let me help you. What I know is indeed extraordinary.