Laszlo Harasztosi (aka Lazlo Hypnotist) is a gifted psychic/paraphenomenon

Psychic/Paraphenomenon: a person who prominently practices the psi- skills that everyone has as has been proved scientifically. The paraphenomens' high- level talents are often used in alternative medicine.

( Tamás Paulinyi, researcher of paraphenomen.)

Psychic show – an encounter with the supernatural

My name is Laszlo Harasztosi and I live in Hungary, a small country in Europe. I am known by many for my special features, which I have shown in several European and American countries, apart from my homeland.

Based on the abilities I was given from the Creator, I am called a psychic.

I am a multiple Guinness record holder as the psychic with the highest cosmic energy.

I am asked at a number of scientific, esoteric and spiritual seminars and other festivals to make the event more splendid with my special programme.

My show is very spectacular and entertaining and at the same time quite astonishing. The audience can see things that appear as incredible and I enable them not only to see them but also to experience them in person.

People kept speaking about my previous shows even years later and sometimes they want to watch the production again and show it to those who missed it last time.

One of my standard feats is tool-sticking, when I place various objects on the upper body of a few people and I "stick" them there with my energy. The tools can be made of whatever material. I usually use cutlery and small household devices (like an iron). One can move in this state. It makes the utensils knock against each other, which – they generally being made of metal – creates a clink sound and usually causes hilarity.

The utensils stay stable on the bare skin so the participants are supposed to strip to the waist. It is a great success if there are ladies among the subjects – of course, in swimsuits.

Mass psychosis and hypnosis is even more impressive and convincing, during which I stick chosen people to their seats or I make them stand up despite their will, with my mental energy. They are only able to stand up or sit down upon my direction. I can similarly make them fall from a standing position. I am also able to make those in the audience fall left and right, even if I am not present in person but I give instructions far away from the venue of the event. On my direction, people start to imitate various sounds, sing, or speak about the topic I specified.

The duration of my shows is typically one hour. With my special, truly unique programmes, I have had several shows and many a TV recording. Everyone leaves with unbelievable, extraordinary experiences.

Laszlo Harasztosi has also got into the World records' book with his Psychical talents. His skills were recognized in his childhood - he has been continuously developing ever since and uses them mainly for medicine and curing. These are not little things, but it is everybody's right to believe in them or not. We can continue long scientific, academic discussions about it either in the congress centers or in a pub, but it would be difficult to explain to the thousands of ill people - whose cure was almost given up by the professional doctors - that they recovered by chance. According to professional opinions they should no longer be among us.

In spite of the fact - or for that very reason- a lot of them will go on to live for a long time. Unhurt and healthy.

They are the ones who may personally have experienced also what it means to be in contact with these forces directly, and how the real, clean cosmic energy works in reality.

Science officially says very little about these skills at present. However these have actually been in use for ages.

There were one or more people behind almost all the historic person who used this talent of them consciously.

Thousands of books have been written about great historical events and about their preparatory, but they don't tell, they can't tell us about the people who had the powers of the universe who entered into their service.

If it had come to the light about Hitler - who has caused not a little trouble as we know - that there were dozens of people behind him who were in possession if para- skills, then things would have happened differently in '30-50s.

If competent people had known the truth, then the assassins wouldn't have lain in wait for Alexander the Great, the famous conqueror, during his golden age but they would have lain in wait for the elect in his surroundings.

We could call them elect, because they have - as they deserved - the assent of the powers above (or we can call them anyhow) to practice the activity they have been going ahead.

The results of reining, commanders and other celebrities raised partly from their talent that they were able to know these specified people. Of course the have also possessed exceptional intellect, but it would have been slight for those things that they have done.

We all know that there have always been a lot of extremely intelligent people among Hungarians, America is still not have. But according to the knowledge and aptitude people it could have also been live.

Laszlo Harasztosi is also one among the elects, and it is not he who asserts it. His activities prove much more.

These talents have been proved also before the scientific world with the technological developments. It is also possible to measure cosmic energies with the increasing improvement of instruments and with the invention of new instruments.

After all there are all kinds of energies in the world, but only few people can control them.

Laszlo Harasztosi is one of these people.

His skills have already been recognized in his childhood, but they had to be kept in secret during the socialist era.

But fortunately the change of regime came about and in this way he was already able to appear before the public during the last decade and everybody could experience his strange talents who needed them.

Most importantly Laszlo Harasztosi uses his knowledge and talents for curing. But he can not only help ill people but healthy ones too.