The contributors of the synthesis lab certificate of energy mensuration to the nature physician, Laszlo Harasztosi

We have carried out, or rather registrated an experiment about energy- transmission, with the naturephysician, Laszlo Harasztosi, on the 6th of August, 1999, in the SYNTHESIS Association's laboratory No.3. For the mensuration we have used the computerized version of the disk- vitality measurement units of Dr. György Egely. Last years we have done more than a thousand measuring with the help of it. By the measurements - beside the SYNTHESIS, previously BASELAB - also have taken part close to dozen of researcher colleguage, mainly family doctors. Relying upon the measurings' accomplishments and moral, the carried-out experiment of energy- transmission can be detailed, or rather considered according to the following:

In the measurement took part: Laszlo Harasztosi, nature- physician, Mercédesz Nánai, the subject of the energy transmission, Tamás Paulinyi, experiment conductor and Katalin Fürjes Benke, assistant. The experiment and its effects has been documented by the colleguages of the RTL television channel, and the shot was broadcasted even that night.
The process of the experiment: Having been energetically tuned by Laszlo Harasztosi /v.s. the graph on the graph.1/ the experiment's subject was sumitted to another 11 minutes measuring. In the first 4,5 minutes of this final measurement /v.s. graph 2./ . At the measuring graph's point, marked with T, the energy value has increased to 600 percent, namely the standard value has risen sixfold. Relying upon these mensurations it can be said, that Laszlo Harasztosi could have enhanced and controlled the measured subject's bioenergetics process, in a way prominently divergent from the average. This measurement supports the previous results of Laszlo Harasztosi.

Tamás Paulinyi researcher
Lab- and experiment conductor

Dr. György Egely research engineer

Dr. György Egely - research engineer, the inventor and expandor of the disk vitality measuring unit.
Dr. Attila Grandpierre - physicist candidate, specialist, musician, consciousness scientist
Dr. András Kapuváry - doctor, nature physician, the examiner of the ETI's bioenergetics branch
Dr. János Pilling -psychiatrist, one of the chief representatives of the Hungarian Tanatologistoc researches
Tamás Paulinyi - specialist, parapsych researcher, the synthesis association's president

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